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Dr. Anne Congratulates A Graduating Student

An Important Message

from Hospice Africa

APPEAL for student support: One of our aims is to support students taking Diploma and Degree programmes at IHPCA (The Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa) and we are looking urgently looking for donors to join with us in supporting them.

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Our Focus...

Focus On Paediatric Palliative Care

These children are on the leukaemia ward and have all been waiting at the hospital for over a month, hoping for treatment. Hospice is trying to contribute towards the cost as it’s so expensive. We are also working with Hospice Africa Uganda to extend capacity at Mobile Hospice Mbarara. This is supported by a grant from DFID and funds from Hospice Africa UK.

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Hospice Africa UK

Oral Morphine: The Pain Relief Key

Cheap and Non-Addictive

Imagine a world where however bad the pain, the strongest pain killer is just paracetamol.

When Hospice Africa started in Kampala, Uganda, in September 1993 this was the reality for Bashir, aged 8. Bashir had cancer and had just had his arm amputated.

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