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Jan has worked in palliative care for over twenty years and after hearing Dr Anne talk Jan decided to use a little of her spare time to knot for Hospice Africa. BUT the knitting proved addictive and the result was a big blanket.

Palliative Care has been my career for over twenty years and meeting Dr Anne Merriman was a very special opportunity for me.

I knew about Ann’s fantastic work but had never heard her speak. Her recent presentation in the crypt at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral outlining the conception, ongoing challenges, challenges overcome and outstanding achievements of her organisation and its members left me feeling humbled, overwhelmed and inspired.

Inspired by the ways in which this organisation reaches out to others at the most vulnerable times of their lives, often when they have very little in the ways of material possessions and without the resources or infrastructure of our beloved NHS.

My perception was that this sobering and grounding presentation by Ann was about love. Love for your fellow man and tenacity to move mountains to help him because you should, simply. It is too easy to say you can’t and go back to your relatively comfortable life after hearing her words but I knitted a blanket for one of the patients.

Others had done it before me. I know it’s not up there with ground-breaking achievements but there is love in every stitch of this blanket and I am thrilled it is going to be taken out to Uganda in September for one of the many patients. I could do more, we all could but my view is that if we all did a little it would very soon mount up to a lot. Knitting needles at the ready...


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