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Fund Raising Events

Fundraising events mean that each participant donates individually but does not collect from others via sponsorship. This covers a very wide range of events such as quiz nights, table sales, wine tasting, hog roast, coffee mornings , cake sales, open gardens etc. Again, depending on the event, insurance and permissions may be required. If you would like to do something then please contact us.

Sponsored events

Sponsored events really fall into two types - specific events where everybody who is taking part is supporting just the one charity associated with that event and general events where each runner can use the opportunity for sponsorship of a charity they personally support. Arranging a specific sponsored event is more complex. For example a "Fun Run" will need resources such as insurance and permissions from the Local Authority and Police, togther with adeqaute supervison and marshalling. Other types of sponsored events may not be as demanding to organise.

More Ideas

For more ideas look at this list of possible fund raising events: click here

Something To Think About

Why not just try something simple - a coffee morning or a stall at a car boot sale. You can also use MyDonate to create a page to allow people to sponsor you for, say, a marathon or bike ride, or to sponsor someone else who is fundraising for Hospice Africa. Use this link and create your challenge

  • AGM Information

    This year’s AGM was held on Sunday 25th June. After the excellent lunch and the formal business, there was a presentation from Jim Bennett from Hospice Africa France (Soins Palliatif) and then from Dr Anne.
  • Newsletter: May 2017

    Our latest newsletter is the May 2017 edition, you can read the newsletter below You can also download the PDF version of this newsletter: click here Here in England spring has arrived and with it all the fre...
  • Sponsored Bike Ride 2017

    Despite a hitch in the Ferry service from Liverpool this year’s sponsored ride was held on Saturday 24th June. We hope that the Hospice Africa UK Annual Sponsored Ride will take place again next year. ...
  • The Foundation Makes Progress

    The Foundation is making progress. We are currently working on the identification of intellectual property and other non-tangible assets. "The Anne Merriman Hospice Africa Foundation" The purpose of the Fo...
  • Newsletter: Christmas 2016

    Our latest newsletter is the Christmas 2016 edition, you can read the newsletter below You can also download the PDF version of this newsletter: click here Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Find out about t...
  • The Big Choir Singalong For Hospice Africa

    Join us to make a worldwide choir to sing “Seeds of Hope.” To hear the backing track, click here All we need is your voices, just record your choir and we will do the rest. Read more for easy to follow instruc...
  • Founding Trustee Re-joins HA Board

    We are delighted that Pat Linnell, one of the founders of Hospice Africa, way back in 1993, has been able to return to help again in the role of a Trustee. Pat has never lost contact with us and has quietly h...
  • Something From Cameroon

    A well- received palliative care capacity building summer School was held at The University of Buea, South West region, Cameroon in August 2016, Funded by Hospice Africa and The University of Nottingham. Th...
  • Running Faster To Stand Still

    The weakened pound means that each pound donated to Hospice Africa now has to go further. The recent devaluation of the £ has affected many charities working overseas. For us, each £ buys about 15% less Ugan...
  • Hospice Africa UK Annual Sponsored Ride

    The Hospice Africa UK Annual Sponsored Ride took place again this year. The smiling faces show that the riders enjoyed the occasion. Click on an image below to see a larger size version:
  • Coast To Coast Sponsored Ride

    This year, the Newcastle University student’s annual Coast to Coast ride took place on the 12th and 13th March, with 55 students cycling 140 miles from Whitehaven to Tynemouth over 2 days. There was a whole r...
  • Newsletter: May - June 2016

    Our latest newsletter is the May/June 2016 edition, you can read the newsletter below You can also download the PDF version of this newsletter: click here Find out how Hospice Africa is springing forward, an ...
  • Christmas Newsletter

    Our latest newsletter was the Christmas 2015 edition, you can read the newsletter below. Find out about our new Patron, and also the impeding challenges ahead for Hospice Africa.You can also download the PDF v...
  • International Programmes Scheme

    Hospice Africa is now working with health care partners on smaller projects in Ethiopia, Malawi, Cameroon and Nigeria. Like all sub-Saharan African countries they have a huge need for palliative care. Hospice...
  • Knitters Bring Comfort To Children

    For many years a dedicated group of supporters have been knitting dolls, blankets and other goods for children in Uganda. Some of these smiling children have Burkitt’s lymphoma an aggressive cancer commonly f...
  • A Big Blanket

    Jan has worked in palliative care for over twenty years and after hearing Dr Anne talk Jan decided to use a little of her spare time to knot for Hospice Africa. BUT the knitting proved addictive and the result ...
  • Dr. Anne Merriman Speaks To BBC World Service

    Listen to Dr Anne Merriman talking on BBC World Service. Simply click on the orange 'play' button below. Audio streaming is kindly provided by Soundcloud ©.
  • Uganda & The 'Quality Of Death' Index

    In the UK we should count ourselves lucky to top this most unusual league table - The 2015 Quality of Death Index, compiled by the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit, found Britain to be the best in the w...
  • More News Of The Anne Merriman Hospice Africa Foundation

    As Hospice Africa has grown it has become evermore important to develop connections between its different parts. There are fund raising organisations in the USA, Ireland, UK, and France; not to mention Hospic...
  • Supporting Students

    2016 begins with a new drive to raise support for students at IHPCA (Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa). Each year The Institute receives many applications from students who meet the entranc...
  • A Visit To Uganda And Mobile Hospice Mbarara

    Recently, two long serving Trustees, Lesley and David Phipps, visited Uganda for the HAU AGM. Lesley is a member of the HAU Board and goes regularly for Board meetings. David went to discuss education with Pr...
  • The Anne Merriman Hospice Africa Foundation Is Announced

    As Hospice Africa has grown it has become evermore important to develop connections between its different parts. There are fund raising organisations in the USA, Ireland, UK, and France; not to mention Hospic...
  • Hospice Africa Uganda Faces A Major Challenge!

    In September this year HAU’s longstanding collaboration with USAID came to its scheduled end. USAID has been a major donor for the work of HAU and the end of their support has been a severe challenge.
  • New Patron

    We are delighted to welcome Frank Cottrell-Boyce as a new Patron. Frank is very well known as a screenwriter, an author of children’s books and, of course, as the writer for the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ce...
  • Sponsored Bike Ride

    Some of our supporters on the annual sponsored cycle ride took place on June 27th on a lovely sunny day. An additonal attraction of scenic route round the Wirral Way is the lack of hills! Not that a mountain o...
  • Dr Anne's 80th Birthday

    Belated congratulations to Dr Anne who reached 80 in May this year. In a serious plea with a lighted-hearted approach she made headlines in the Liverpool Echo looking for a millionaire (DONOR).
  • Annual General Meeting

    An attentive audience for the 23nd Annual General meeting which was held on 28th June 2015 at the Neuro Centre, Norton Street, Liverpool.
Hospice Africa UK

Oral Morphine: The Pain Relief Key

Cheap and Non-Addictive

Imagine a world where however bad the pain, the strongest pain killer is just paracetamol.

When Hospice Africa started in Kampala, Uganda, in September 1993 this was the reality for Bashir, aged 8. Bashir had cancer and had just had his arm amputated.

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