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  • Sponsored Bike Ride 2017

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Come and join us for this year’s Hospice Africa Sponsored Cycle Ride along the Wirral Way on Saturday 24th June 2017.

The Hospice Africa UK Annual Sponsored Ride will take place again this year. The smiling faces show that last year’s riders really enjoyed the occasion. Join us and set up your own sponsorship.

Come and join us for the Hospice Africa Sponsored Cycle Ride along the Wirral Way on Sat 24th June 2017, starting from the Seaforth Mersey Ferry terminal at 10.30am and going 24 miles round the beautiful Wirral Coast and Wirral Way. (which is mostly flat!!)

It takes 2 - 4 hours going at your own pace. The finish is at The Hooton (Country Pub), where drinks and lunch can be bought, and is close to Hooton Station on the Merseyrail Wirral line. A fun a friendly day suitable for most ages.

Note: For easy access from Liverpool catch the 10am Ferry from the Liverpool Pierhead.


To set up your sponsorship go to the My Donate page - click here

Hospice Africa UK

Oral Morphine: The Pain Relief Key

Cheap and Non-Addictive

Imagine a world where however bad the pain, the strongest pain killer is just paracetamol.

When Hospice Africa started in Kampala, Uganda, in September 1993 this was the reality for Bashir, aged 8. Bashir had cancer and had just had his arm amputated.

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